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Social and Print | Lionesses in Lyon

We've watched the lasses go from strength to strength. Our team at Eurostar found itself glued to the screens for the World Cup hoping we could go all the way, and looking for ways to promote the game (unofficially) through our channels. Then the Lionesses made it to the semi-final, which just happened to be in Lyon, a brand new route for Eurostar and we were all aboard.

The suggestion of the tactics board, balls and sports bag is that we're following the team itself to Lyon. In fact I think they caught a plane, so there's some creative license being used here. The colours are on the England side of Eurostar's palette with blues and whites the main choices. The odd yellow counter ties it all back to Eurostar in the illustration. 

We only had a couple of days to react to the news of the Lionesses making it to Lyon for the semi-final. Amongst the ideas was this one below... Something more typically 'social' following a female supporter and her football on their journey to Lyon. We wanted to enlist the help of someone will some footie skills to nutmeg a couple of passengers and chip one into the luggage hold but budget called full-time on the idea.


Still, happy with how this one turned out from concept to live in 4 days.

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