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TVC | Do Yourself Proud

This ad is all about celebrating the moment that a DIY job has been finished…the reveal. The bit where the tape is pulled off to show the finished job. And there are many ways DIYers do this. So we embrace this to create an amazing, vibrant, montage of Scotch Tapes and their uses.

The tagline is "Do Yourself Proud" or in this French version of the TVC, "Pride in a job well done". We've all finished that one DIY project and just stood there admiring it for hours on end. The TVC is a shout-out to all the detail-obsessed, crafty, home-proud types who enjoy the perfectly clean lines and perfect seals you can achieve with Scotch Tapes. So, we get close to the details, clean lines, concentration, ease and enjoyment, and just like the 1812 overture, every project builds to its big finish...


Endframe of the EN market TVC

The TVC featured in over 200 prime TV ad slots including Good Morning Britain, ITV Breakfast, Celebrity Juice, Made in Chelsea and across top weekend films throughout May 2017.


The launch was planned to coincide with peak bank holiday decorating season and was fully supported by digital advertising and store activity, focusing on the reveal by our DIYers... arms folded, standing proudly by their successful projects.

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