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In-store | An Iconic Love Story

Baileys and Ferrero Rocher have long been associated with treating others and self-treating. The brands were destined to come together this year for a much-needed collaboration in-store. The brief: design a single look and feel for Valentine's Day to encompass the best of both iconic brand worlds for a range of ad spaces in in-store hotspots.


The two worlds have common themes as a starting point; the gold colours and darker blacks and browns. They're also both so iconic in the way they look... Baileys with the curvature of the black bottle, and Ferrero Rocher in those signature foil wrappers with the oval sticker on top.


So iconic in fact that there's no bottle in the finished ad at all. By choosing a darker palette for the background, we can create the illusion of a bottle with some strategically placed chocs and a logo. The top of the bottle marks the pinch at the top of the heart, and the Ferrero Rocher logo helps to define the bottom. The shape is 'so Baileys' that we still had to convince the client that the brands were balanced 50:50, and that it wasn't 'too Baileys'.. with 87 Ferrero Rocher in the image.

I wouldn't usually be so obvious as to include a giant heart on Valentine's Day, but there's nothing else more iconic to the 'holiday of love' than a heart, and on this occasion it said 'we're officially a couple' better than anything else could.

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