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Social | Snappy does it

Eurostar Snap offers customers the chance to bag cheap tickets to their core destinations in exchange for getting to pick the time you travel. The ask was to launch an awareness and education piece for social, to simply explain the way it all works.

3 markets, 3 destinations, 3 languages, 15 seconds and a very small budget. We would need to be smart to make it engaging enough for Insta and Facebook with very little content.

The idea was that it could feel loosely handheld and vlog-like and from a single person's view, so we could shoot a bit, download stock vid a bit, add in a single recognisable destination shot like the Eiffel Tower and mix it with some existing Eurostar footage to tie it all together. We would be able to bring the excitement of any of the destinations to life with more or less the same shots, interspersed with a very simple explanation of the Snap mechanic...


"Choose a day. We pick the time. You get our lowest price".

Snappy footage, and a snappy tagline that follows a snappy beat, with themes aimed at an 18-30 audience. And the results? £81k revenue in first two days live. A very strong impact across all markets and metrics. A 260% increase in CTR compared to previous SNAP activations. In France, the conversion from click to sale in particular was double what we have seen in previous activations.

Not bad.

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