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Brand Identity Done Well

They started with nothing - no name, no design direction, no idea of where to begin with bringing a brand to life, and why would they? I knew nothing about the wellness space...

WorkLifeWell run workplace and lifestyle wellness workshops, covering everything from physical to mental wellness. So we had to build a brand that would shout 'know-how' and 'trust'. People-centred, personable, and experts in a number of different areas...that's the aim.


The logo mark came out of a stream of ideas around starting afresh, planting a seed or new life like one that comes from an egg

The final logo is definitely a little egg-like (or maybe more of an avocado) as it happens, and that's the beauty of development, because from the seed of that idea comes the visual of a person almost leaping into the air with joy, physical and mental wellness. The blue dot at the core represents their person-centred approach, involvement and expertise in everything they do. 

The icons are light and simple...after all, we're trying to take a weight off people's shoulders. The blue dot is the basis of the icon design system, putting WorkLifeWell at the centre of its clients' worlds, whether it's fitness, mental health, rest, organisation, financial health or nutrition. 

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